You spend a lifetime building and accumulating wealth that—let’s face it—is worth more than a price tag. Your estate is an expression of your character and your accomplishments. Our Arizona estate planning firm can ensure it passes into the right hands to secure your legacy.

Our Phoenix financial advisors want to understand your vision for your estate and guide you to the best options. Most people leave their estates to family or bequeath them to a charitable organization (which can help relieve tax burdens)—or a combination Phoenix financial advisorsof the two.

Many aspects of estate planning in Arizona have potential tax implications, including income tax, estate and inheritance tax, and gift tax. Our estate planners in Arizona have a strong understanding of these areas and can help minimize tax liability.

When you minimize estate tax burdens on your loved ones, it leaves more for your beneficiaries so they can avoid estate taxes and expenses that are unnecessary. You don’t have to worry about wasting time, money, and privacy in probate. Ensure your heirs can bypass this lengthy and costly process by implementing proper estate planning in Arizona.

Estate planning in Arizona can also encompass who you want to care for and manage your finances and medical decisions, should you become unable to do so. You should have a plan in place for situations where you may become incapacitated. This includes making decisions regarding your healthcare and property management.

Wealth estate planning in AZ will distribute your assets according to your wishes. Take care of your family by creating an estate plan. It enables you to ensure the well-being and financial stability of your surviving spouse, children or dependents in case something happens to you.

We can help you create a solid plan for your estate, including such services as:

  • Developing a will
  • Setting up trusts and insurance plans
  • Naming beneficiaries and power of attorney
  • Creating plans for gift giving to reduce estate taxation
  • Access to our estate planning attorneys

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Let our estate planning company help you manage your assets so you can leave behind a lasting legacy that takes care of the people and causes you care about.

Our estate planners in Arizona work with tax professionals to give you a holistic view of your estate. We structure your estate plan to reduce financial pitfalls and take your unique situation into consideration.

From trusts to annuities, estate planning in Arizona is less complicated with a fiduciary at your side. We have your best interests at heart so you have peace of mind when securing your future.

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