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July 9, 2024

The Top 10 Best Towns in Arizona to Retire

Stewart Willis

Arizona's appeal as a retirement destination is undeniable, offering a compelling blend of natural beauty, ideal weather conditions, and diverse lifestyle options. Arizona's consistently warm and sunny climate allows for year-round outdoor activities, ideal for those looking to escape harsh winters and embrace an active lifestyle.

The state caters to many preferences, from tranquil, close-knit communities to vibrant urban centers, ensuring that every retiree can find their perfect haven. This guide will explore the top 10 best towns in Arizona to retire.

Is Arizona a Good Place to Retire?

Arizona is a good place to retire for many reasons. First, the cost of living was once among the lowest in the country. However, a recent MERIC study shows that Arizona has the country's 37th lowest cost of living. Even with that in mind, Arizona has the infrastructure in place to facilitate retirees.

The state has excellent healthcare facilities, especially in major cities like Phoenix and Tucson. These are the best cities to retire in Arizona because they offer high-quality medical services with specialists in senior health care. This is crucial as good health is a major priority for many retirees.

10 Best Places to Retire in Arizona

When choosing the best towns to retire in Arizona, focus on the aspects that will affect your daily living like safety, healthcare, lifestyle, and accessibility.

Aerial View of the Phoenix Suburb and Retirement Community

Sun City

Average Cost of a Home: $314,090

Population: 39,931

Cost of Living: 13% higher than the US average

Sun City is one of the best towns to retire in Arizona because it's designed specifically for retirees. It offers extensive recreational facilities, including golf courses and social clubs. Sun City is not actually a city but a part of Maricopa County. This means the county handles things like roads, codes, and law enforcement instead of a city government.

Sun City also doesn't have a city sales tax, so some costs in the area are lower than in other cities. It's a special age-restricted community for adults, usually over 55, although some as young as 19 can live there. There are no schools in Sun City, which helps keep taxes lower.

Catalina Foothills

Average Cost of a Home: 751,087

Population: 52,401

Cost of Living: 3% lower than the US average

Catalina Foothills, Arizona, offers an ideal suburban lifestyle with urban conveniences. This Pima County suburb is ranked by as the best place to retire in Arizona. This town has balanced community intimacy with diverse amenities, making it one of the best retirement places in Arizona.

Its dense suburban setting and high homeownership rate create a stable, invested community. Catalina Foothills features numerous bars, restaurants, and parks catering to various tastes and outdoor enthusiasts. The area's popularity among retirees reflects its high quality of life, safety, and livability.


Average Cost of a Home: $227,832

Population: 28,916

Cost of Living: 15.2% lower than the US average

Bisbee, Arizona, appeals to retirees with its historical charm and artistic culture. This quaint mountain town offers a laid-back lifestyle, a vibrant arts scene, and a friendly community. Retirees can explore local mining history, engage in arts and crafts, and enjoy community events, making Bisbee an enriching retirement destination.


Average Cost of a Home: $441,099

Population: 51,908

Cost of Living: 3% lower than the US average

Marana, Arizona, attracts retirees with its excellent healthcare, convenient transportation, and abundant recreation. Top-rated hospitals and medical centers meet healthcare needs. Major highways and Tucson's nearby airport facilitate travel. The town's parks, golf courses, and trails offer outdoor activities for active seniors in a scenic desert setting.

Fortuna Foothills

Average Cost of a Home: $294,554

Population: 27,776

Cost of Living: 9% lower than the US average

Fortuna Foothills is one of the best towns to in Arizona to retire, according to Arizona is an ideal retirement destination. It boasts excellent healthcare, convenient transportation, and diverse recreational activities.

The community is well-suited for retirees, with easy access to Yuma and other areas. Residents enjoy stunning mountain views and outdoor activities, promoting an active lifestyle in a beautiful natural setting.


Average Cost of a Home: $951,725

Population: 9,684

Cost of Living: 14.1% higher than the US average

Sedona is renowned for its breathtaking landscape of towering crimson cliffs and mesas that seem to glow at sunset. This scenery is a muse and backdrop for a vibrant, thriving arts community. Galleries display diverse paintings, sculptures, and Native American crafts, attracting art lovers and collectors. While it's true that the cost of living in Sedona is higher than the national average, many residents and visitors alike find the investment well worth it for the lifestyle.

The town's demographic skews older, with a significant retiree population drawn to its serene atmosphere and mild climate. It’s one of the best retirement places in Arizona if the lifestyle meets your goals. Sedona offers many options for those looking to rejuvenate their mind, body, and spirit, from yoga retreats and meditation workshops to spa treatments utilizing local red clay.


Average Cost of a Home: $250,366

Population: 12,438

Cost of Living: 15.2% lower than the US average

Benson, Arizona, is a good place to retire for a comfortable lifestyle. It combines small-town charm with essential amenities. It offers excellent healthcare, efficient transportation, and diverse recreational activities, including historical sites and outdoor adventures. These features make Benson an attractive and practical choice for retirees seeking a peaceful yet engaging community.

Sun City West

Average Cost of a Home: $396,916

Population: 25,806

Cost of Living: 13% higher than the US average

Sun City West, Arizona, is a premier retirement community for active adults so it’s one of the best placs to reture in Arizona. It offers diverse amenities, including recreation centers, chartered clubs, and golf courses. The community prioritizes health and wellness with activities like pickleball, tennis, and modern fitness centers. Its organized structure provides easy access to social activities and healthcare, making it ideal for retirees seeking a comfortable and engaging lifestyle.

Look Forward to a Worry-Free Retirement

The state's unique combination of breathtaking landscapes provides an awe-inspiring backdrop for retirees seeking natural splendor. If you’re looking to retire in Arizona, let the professionals at Asset Preservation Wealth and Tax help make that a reality.

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