The Big Test Event

You'll learn how to test events, and also how to make events in Webflow!

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The Big Test Event

Hi, my name is Stewart Willis from AP Wealth & Taxes – and I believe you should spend your retirement the way you want. 

Want to travel the world? You should be able to. Want to enjoy those precious moments with your grandchildren? Nothing should stop you from that. And if you want to keep working, you should be able to.

Above all, I want you to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing there will always be enough money for you and your loved ones in retirement. And in our free workshop on [event_date] at [event_address], I’ll show you how to build a rock-solid retirement foundation – based on your situation and your goals.

The Test Arena
September 1, 2023 6:00 PM

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You'll learn how to test events, and also how to make events in Webflow!

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Join Stewart Willis for a free live workshop on [event_date] at [event_location] to discover:

  • How to take advantage of our current “perfect storm” before this opportunity vanishes for good
  • APSI’s proven “under the radar” strategy that avoids painful tax “time bombs” during your retirement
  • How to avoid losing out on tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars by filing too early or too late
  • APSI’s simple, 3-step process to develop a crystal-clear plan for your retirement – based on your current situation and your goals
  • How to potentially claim up to $2.126 million in Social Security over the duration of your retirement without them getting eaten up by taxes
  • Want to keep working AND claim social security? We’ll show you how to get the most out of both
  • Why converting your Roth and entering a higher tax bracket might be one of your smartest moves right now

About Stewart Willis and AP Wealth & Tax

“Financial planning is the process of meeting your life goals by properly managing your finances.” –Stewart Willis, Executive Partner of AP Wealth & Tax

Since February 1997, Asset Preservation Wealth & Tax has been helping their clients navigate the minefield of tax and retirement planning, allowing them to enjoy their golden years.

Whether you’re still accumulating wealth for your dream retirement or you’re already harvesting the fruits of your labor, APSI’s time-tested strategies provide you with consistent growth, safety and peace of mind. 

In fact, with skillful planning, the retirement you’ve visualized can come sooner than you might think.